happy new year!!

it’s been 5 months since my last entry, and i’ve come to the sad realization that within that time, i’ve done absolutely nothing productive to contribute to anything significant. hahaha and since i didn’t have time to welcome 2011 properly because of pcats, i shall do it now!

i hate how people say, “i feel it….i KNOW it….it’s gonna be a good year” Β (semi jealous of those who can sense it) Β i’ve never ever had that kind of high hope that screams “THIS IS MY YEAR TO DO BIG THINGS :D” and i consider myself a pretty optimistic person. this year is no different. hahah this year is a time of transition with a lot of uncertainty, which usually means stress, but i’ve decided to not let it get to me. i will work hard and do my best, but if it doesn’t work out in the end then i guess it wasn’t meant to be. stress can’t poop on my party!

i’ve resolved to view this year as glass half full. when else will i have the luxury of time?! when/if school/work takes over my life, i’ll be so consumed with that that i’ll long for the kind of time that i have now πŸ™‚ so i’ve decided on a few simple resolutions:

1. read more books. not for a class, not to study, but to just enjoy!! to the 6 people who read my blog, if you have any good book recommendations, help a sister out!

2. keep up with what’s going on in this world. i figure that as a college graduate, i should take a little more interest in the big world that i’m about to step into.

3. explore la. considering how long i’ve lived here, i’ve experienced very little of it. not anymore! i want to eat good food, go hiking (do people in la hike?!), read books at cute cafes, and make memories with the people that i love.

that’s it. three simple things to allow me to enjoy the free time that i have and appreciate it. πŸ™‚ seems doable right?! i’d also like to learn the bass, go bungee (bunjee?) jumping, take a bartending class, learn some spanish, and travel the world, but i guess we’ll see about those. hahaha

2011, i’m ready!


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I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE :D what do i do with my life now? :(

it’s a stressful time right now, trying to figure out what to do with my life. hahah i mean, i kind of have a plan, but do things ever happen the way you plan it? i decided to take 2 years off before i (hopefully) go to grad school and so i guess that means 2 more years of over stressing, chilling, and hopefully doing something productive… hahaha when i get all worked up and start to panic, i try to think of the good things about being at home. no rent, no bills, laundry magically gets done, home cooked meals are the norm, etc. and then i realize, life is good! πŸ™‚

one thing that i’ve loved about being back home is how much time i’ve been spending with my parents. i love spending time with them. initially, there was a little bit of nagging, (mostly about my future and marriage, which they see as very important and urgent matters haha) but it died down real quick.Β  i love eating dinner with them, learning more about them, making fun of them, and seeing their relationship dynamics. haha and maybe it’s because i feel all adult now, but i think i’m becoming friends with my parents πŸ™‚ its a lot of fun and it makes me smile a lot. and the reason i share this is because i developed a new appreciation for them. i’m so thankful for them and all the time we get to spend together πŸ™‚

thinking about things like this that make me happy temporarily relieves the stress, and i fall into a “hmmm….i’m sure i’ll figure it out eventually…..” mentality. i enjoy life, make more happy thoughts, life becomes wonderful, everything is beautiful and then… it hits. things become TOO chill, and panic and stress set in. hahaah thus the whole stress/ escape through happy thoughts cycle continues. for now, that’s my life. haha and i really really REALLLY hope it all gets figured out soon!! that is all!

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looking through all my recent pictures, i can tell i gained weight. plus i feel like a such a fattie these days. my excuse for not working out and attempting to lose weight is that i simply have no time to work out! which i’m going to continue to believe is very true. so i must find other ways to feel better about myself weight-wise.

reasons why i need to lose weight:
1. late night jack runs CANNOT become a habit
2. losing weight means healthier lifestyle! healthier lifestyle = longer and happier life!
3. i want to be able to show my kids my college graduation pictures and have them say i look so thin πŸ™‚
4. i got a flat tire on the way back from a 11 pm denny’s run.

things i will do to lose weight!
1. eat better.

that is all πŸ™‚ for now, that’s all i have time to do! and then when i get back to la, and have nothing to do, i will sign up for gym membership! 1 step at a time πŸ™‚


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it’s always interesting hearing something you don’t wanna hear, but you know you have to hear. it’s frustrating, humbling, and can be a little hurtful. this is why i need jesus! haha

here’s a little bit from my QT today:

Spending time with God should never a task or chore. It’s not the next bullet on your to do list or a quick consult when you’re either in distress or looking for answers. Our time with Him is our existence. It’s where we receive instruction, get clarity and direction.

It gives us the opportunity to know Him and become of like mind. We become aligned with His will, His purpose and His plan for our lives. Our time with him teaches us to love unreservedly. It heals the wounds of our past and makes us whole.

His words spoken during our time alone affirms and builds confidence while at the same time demolishing fear and inferiority. It establishes trust so we can undoubtedly know His character and rest boldly in His abilities. It disconnects us from confusion, frustration and our daily emotional roller coasters. It gives us access to His peace and puts us in the calm of it all.

Our time with God exposes our hidden motives, impure hearts, and personal agendas, which help keep us in a place of humility, thereby bringing us all to repentance that we may experience ‘the refreshing from His presence’ (Acts 3:19)

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if only

if i had lots of time and didn’t have to worry about school, and if i had the money to spare, i’d get into baking πŸ™‚ and make pretty pastries for all my friends to eat πŸ™‚

then after im done baking, i’d go run a few miles because of the weight gain.

what cute cake pops!

i ❀ beatles!

maybe this summer!

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postponing study post #1

these days, i think about how nice and chill life will be post college, after im done with all the busy-ness and responsibilities here at berkeley. i think about all the free time i could have to bake, read books, pick up new hobbies, explore, and exercise. lol. i think about all the home friends that i miss and can’t wait to hang out with all the time because i’m up here.

and then i remember that i forgot how good i have it here. i remember all the new life-long friends that i’ve made, the memories that we share, the good times, even the sucky situations, and i feel so lucky to be here. i love berkeley and everything it comes with. i’ve even gotten used to and grown to love the cool weather and random rain.

i started thinking about the things that i’ll miss onceΒ  leave, then decided that it was too early to start thinking about that πŸ™‚ i should spend that time making the best of what time i have left!

and as i sit here trying to study for my bio quiz, watch a couple webcasts, prep sg lesson, wishing there were more hours in a day, i will think about why God’s placed me here and how i can makeΒ  Him happy πŸ™‚

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hello 2010!

i can’t believe it’s 2010.

i will be turning 22 this year. 21 was so exciting. 22 is so not special.
i graduate college this year! O_o
it’s been 10 years since the y2k craziness when all my parents bought was a box of ramyun and a case of water to sustain us if anything happened. haha good times.

new years resolutions!!

1.) work out twice a week to be healthy!
2.) pay off my credit card debt
3.) get a 4.0 this semester! (gotta shoot for the stars!)
4.) pray every night
5.) get into pharmacy school
6.) make the most of my last semester in college.
7.) learn spanish
8.) improve my korean

that’s all for now πŸ™‚

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